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Naprawy neonów


The client is currently looking for places not only with a wide range of products and services, but also fashionable, well-maintained, creating the impression of modern. This effect can be achieved, inter alia, by placing advertising a well-functioning lights. Worn or damaged ad is reminiscent of neglect, disrespect and lack of concern about attracting a buyer. He may even think that if the owner does not care about good image of the business, which is managed, it is probably in the same manner relates to its customers.

Neon signs are characterized by durability and reliability, and if carried out periodic reviews will be represented by an advertiser for a very long time. Small, inexpensive replacement fasteners (plastic cable ties) and electrical (high voltage cable) make it possible to avoid any damage to the neon tubes and transformers. This type of inspection should be performed every year in the case of external advertisements, which two years in the case mounts inside the buildings.

If, however, have come to such failures, which cause damage to the neon tubes or transformers should immediately make the exchange. In the extreme case, and neglecting the malfunctioning of these devices, it may cause a short circuit, Burns electrical high and low voltage or even fire.

The KAPILAR deals with servicing of its products, neon (neon have each of our technical documentation to facilitate the location of the fault and quickly eliminate it) and the ads made ​​by other manufacturers. We have our own specialist teams of installers and electricians with the privileges of high voltage and partner network advertising companies (50 companies) throughout the Polish. In this way we can guarantee short lead times necessary to service the financial sanctions applied by the shopping centers. We offer our services in the system of subscription service agreements and orders one-off intervention.


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