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About us

KAPILAR is the production company, operating on the Polish market since 1981. The company covers almost entire glass industry. Our offer can be divided into eight groups of articles: neon signs , thermometers , DIY winemaking , household glassware , laboratory glassware , decorative glass , glass pipes and rods and glass repairs. Many years of experience and comprehensive coverage of glass sector earned us commercial credibility and a competitive edge. Our crew is highly qualified, holding masters certificates qualifying to train and examine trainees in the glass moulder profession. Ever modernised technical infrastructure allows us to develop dynamically and be innovative.

KAPILAR is the only Polish company comprehensively processing glass pipes and rods. Out of these elements, several hundred items of our regular catalogue are manufactured, as well as many others that are custom made. Beside glass processing, the company internally manufactures other elements of our finished products: plastic details, imprints and assembly, packaging and distribution, using our own fleet. Our offer also contains merchandise complementing our production, e.g. gear for DIY winemaking or electronic thermometers.

KAPILAR endeavours to achieve maximum efficiency and best customer service. Therefore we have implemented the quality control system PN-EN 9001:2001 and we belong to the elite group of holders of SOLIDNI W BIZNESIE certificate. Each our product, apart from a warranty also comes with declaration of conformity and appropriate certificate.

KAPILAR shares its knowledge in trade newspapers and specialist periodicals. On TV you can spot programs and commercials, where our products are used.

KAPILAR is not just a commercial enterprise focused only on maximising profits. Apart from production and commercial operations, the company organises practical courses for students and creates artistic projects of modern art pieces, utilising purity and timeless character of the glass matter.

Company Head Office in Antoniew n/Łódź           Customer Service Office

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