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Toxic mercury

Contains no mercury In accordance with EU Directive 2007/51/EU from April 2009 in Poland all devices containing toxic mercury, including thermometers, will be withdrawn from production. KAPILAR for many years now does not use this harmful element in manufacturing thermometers for common use. All users of these products may be assured of their health and live, because in our products we use tinted alcohol.



Mercury (Hg) and most of its compounds are very toxic and they are frequently a pollutant in the environment. Mercury is inhibited through human respiratory system in the form of vapour. From lungs it makes way into the bloodstream, where it enters red cells, in which it oxidates. Certain quantity of mercury also enters the brain or penetrates placentary barrier and enters an embryo. It accumulates in kidneys damaging them. Its toxic action depends on damaging membranes and combining with proteins in an organism. This way mercury upsets many vital biochemical processes. Acute poisoning  with mercury vapours causes pneumonia and bronchitis sometimes leading to a fatal respiratory failure. Other symptoms are: haemorrhagic enteritis, circulatory failure, stomatitis. Damage occurs also in kidneys and a nervous system. Consuming of mercury compounds causes ptyalism, vomiting, haemorrhagic diarrhoea, necrosis of intestinal mucous.  (source WIKIPEDIA)

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