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Quality Policy

The KAPILAR is production and services company operating on the market since 1981. Its business is design, production, and sale of products from glass pipes: neon signs, thermometers, household glassware, decorative and laboratory glassware, as well as services and trading in complementary items.

  1. Fulfilling customers' wishes is the fundamental aim for our Company and therefore it is paramount for us to understand their current and future needs and to answer them at all times..
  2. Knowledge and skills of our employees are our asset and through their continuous improvements we effectively achieve targets of our Company.
  3. We base our cooperation with Suppliers on the principle of mutual benefits.
  4. Continuous monitoring of requirements of our clients allows us to make adjustments to the production process, so that they are fulfilled in optimal way.
  5. The quality serves to achieve the strategic goal, which is positive economic outcome and ability to expand to foreign markets.

Continuous improvement of the quality management system is an ongoing goal for the Top Management and for each individual worker.

We wish, that these efforts were an evidence of our professionalism and were a cause for achieving full satisfaction by our clients from using products made by KAPILAR.

We wish, that KAPILAR brand would always be identified with the highest quality of products and services.

Quality policy is propagated among our employees at every corporate level and exercised in relations with all our partners.

The Quality Policy has been approved by the Company Director on behalf of the Company.

Antoniew, 1.06.2004


Thermometer KAPILAR

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