KAPILAR - PRODUCENT SZKŁA: neony, termometry, szkło dekoracyjne i ozdobne, szkło użytkowe, szkło laboratoryjne, rury szklane, naprawa szkła
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Glass wizards

KAPILAR is the only Polish company comprehensively processing glass pipes and rods. Out of these elements several hundred elements of our regular catalogue are manufactured, as well as many others that are custom made. Beside glass processing the company internally manufactures other elements of our finished goods: plastic details, imprints, assembly, packaging and distribution, using our own fleet. Our offer also contains merchandise complementing our production, e.g. gear for DIY winemaking or electronic thermometers.

Moulders’ workshop        Packing thermometers

Glass wizards is the best term describing our staff. The fact that we can fully rely on them is of a paramount importance because "people are power". Their skilful hands together with watchmaker's precision can mould the glass matter into even most sophisticated shapes. We care about their skills, continually perfecting them. As one of very few in Poland we have authority to teach glass pipe moulder profession and we conduct national examinations.

Work in fire       In-line burner

Thermometer KAPILAR

With this thermometer you will know temperatures all over the world!
Check the weather


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