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The press about us wrote

PR (public relations) is one of the most effective forms of promotion of any enterprise. Therefore KAPILAR tries to always be seen and gladly cooperates with the press, which is often interested in unusual trades that companies operate in. Apart from articles written by professional journalists, we too are trying to write, mainly for trade publications, such as VISUAL COMMUNIACATION or OUTDOOR MEDIA.



Useful files   Useful files:

Adobe Reader  Article 'MIESZKANIE PEŁNE ŚWIATŁA'; Tomasz Jabłoński, EI 27.10.2007 (PL) [119.8Kb]

Adobe Reader  Article 'ISO W NEONOWEJ FIRMIE KAPILAR';Justyna Solarska;OM 05.2007 (PL) [123.4Kb]
Adobe Reader  Article 'UROK POWYGINANY RUREK'; Łukasz Frankowski; OM 04.2007 (PL) [211.5Kb]
Adobe Reader  Article 'GĄSKA BALBINKA'; Łukasz Frankowski; VC 03.2006 (PL) [225.5Kb]
Adobe Reader  Article 'JEDYNE NEONY Z ISO'; Justyna Solarska; VC 02.2006 (PL) [236.4Kb]
Adobe Reader  Article 'ŚWIECĄCE, SZKLANE RURKI'; Łukasz Frankowski; VC 02.2006 (PL) [1.9Mb]
Adobe Reader  Article 'OD RZEMIEŚLNIKA DO PRZEDSIĘBIORCY'; Anna Orzechowska; IŁIZ 12-1.1999 (PL) [192Kb]

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