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Not only profits

KAPILAR is not only a typical enterprise, which has the only aim to chase maximum profits. In the hussles and bussles of our daily lives we find the time for things that bring joy to us and to others. Our company is our passion, so every moment spent in the company of glass is a pleasure and we wish that others could taste this feeling too...

Artwork CIRRUS I; Lidia Choczaj    Artwork BLOSSOMING OF PHYTOPLANKTON; Lidia Choczaj

Therefore we are keen to organise on our premises practical lessons for school children, where they can get familiar with secrets of working with the glass matter. We also assist artists to realise their glass visions. Our pipes are frequently an inspiration because of their purity and timeless character. We also don't spare funds in support of charitable actions.

Thanks for PRACTICAL LESSON Gimnazjum No 2 in Zgierz                   Thanks for X FESTIWAL SKARBY ZIEMI Special Playschool No 1 Łódź

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